Remove Jackson!

The first time Andrew Jackson came to my attention was years ago when I saw the 1950s Disney movie Davy Crockett.  In the movie, as in real life, the former frontiers man Davy Crockett puts his political career on the line to stand up to Andrew Jackson and his Indian Removal Act.    Davy would go on to lose the fight against the Indian Removal Act, lose his Congressional seat, and tell his district “you may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas”.   The Indian Removal Act ended up deporting thousands of Native Americans from the Eastern United States to Oklahoma with thousands of them dying along the way.   This came to be known as the Trail of Tears.  The Trail of Tears is one of the most embarrassing events in United States history. I always wondered why a man like Andrew Jackson would be placed so prominently on the twenty dollar bill.  After some more recent research I am still shocked.

There is a lot not to like about Andrew Jackson.  He was a major slave owner.  At one point he owned over 150 slaves.  He mutilated the bodies of dead Native Americans after the battle of Horseshoe bend.  He started a spoils system in the United States government.  But the worst crime would still be the Indian Removal Act which killed thousands and would have put Jackson on trial for crimes against humanity if it happened today.

So I have come to the conclusion that Andrew Jackson should be removed from the twenty dollar bill.  There are just too many more worthy people to have the honor.  Maybe Martin Luther King?

I have decided to form the Remove Jackson Movement!

Getting Jackson removed will certainly be a battle.  There are, believe it or not, supporters of Jackson, who conveniently overlook some disturbing parts of American history.  But the enemies of Jackson have more power then they use to.

I am currently contacting all the Indian tribes that were affected by Jackson to raise awareness of the remove Jackson movement.  I will suggest that they boycott twenty dollar bills at their casinos.  I am also starting a petition and a facebook group to show support for the remove Jackson from the twenty dollar bill cause.  I hope as many people as possible sign and join to bring more attention to the movement.  This will be a fight that I think we can win…..I hope you join me!

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The Petition is up!

The Petition is up!

Please sign so that Andrew Jackson is removed from the $20 and replaced with a much better character!

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